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Miley Cyrus, a frequent and popular FFF caller, decided that one of her favorite actors, Robin Williams, another frequent and popular FFF caller, should receive a call after his heart surgery in 2009.

This letter from Bill to Robin Williams describes what a special FFF moment this was for him.

Special FFF Moment with JJ

JJ was a ten-year-old karate enthusiast in Kentucky when he was diagnosed with cancer.  When Leo Howard and the rest of the cast of Kickin’ It (Jason Earles, Mateo Arias, Dylan Snyder, Olivia Holt, Alex Jones, Dan Ahdoot, and Brooke Dillman, all frequent FFF callers), called him and found out he also did karate, they decided they wanted to invite him to visit the show in Hollywood.  The amazing producers of Kickin’ It, Jim O’Doughty, Joey Scott and Joel McCrary, along with Leo’s mom, Randye Howard, decided to make that happen by personally arranging for JJ and his mom to fly to L.A. and join them on the set.  To make it a completely perfect visit, they threw in a full day’s trip to Disneyland, including a VIP Host (and Leo) to take him around.

JJ’s days’ visit included:

  • Special LAX private car 

  • Dinner in his honor at Planet Hollywood, Universal City

  • Personalized Kickin’ It Director’s chair-backing 

  • Kickin’ It jacket

  • Lesson on camera-operating

  • A sci-fi illuminated hand created by Special Effects genius, Jesse Noel

  • JJ’s name written into that week’s script (thank you writers)


  • And definitely check out JJ in 2020, as he graduates from high school and prepares to go off to college.

Alan Alda's Message to Joseph

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